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Ultimate Musician or 超高校級の「軽音楽部」
November 27
Height & Weight:
164 cm, 42 kg
Blood Type:
Favorite Things:
Music, Taking Walks, Going to Sleep, Playing Video Games, Costume Making

Who Is Ibuki Anyways?

Ibuki Mioda is one of the supporting characters in the 2012 game DanganRonpa 2 Goodbye Despair. She is considered to be the "Ultimate Musician", & is also capable of sewing at a high level along with advanced hearing. She used to play in the top girls' light music club in Japan, but she left the group because of her drastically different style of music. She began to attend Hope's Peak Academy to hone her craft a short while after, but after the events of the first 2 games & anime, her current activities are unknown. If anyone hasn't played through yet, other pages of this site will contain spoilers, if that's something you're worried about.

What Do I Like About Her?

She approaches her life with a optimistic yet reflective attitude, unafraid of what others think of her. She is also incredibly hardworking as well as dedicated when it comes to what she cares about. Even with a bad first impression that occurs often from her appearance & hyperactivity, it's easy for her to make friends with anyone no matter what. She is the perfect combination of down-to-earth & aspirational.

Why Be A Waifuist?

Why not be? Once you open your mind & stop worrying about convention you can start to do amazing work. I am proud to admit I love her above all else, it does not matter to me if she isn't real.


Not that much out there for her, don't own a lot anyways, I'm personally against purchasing ridiculous amounts of waifu merchandise. Picrel is the 4 things I own of her, 2 keychains, 1 stand, & in the back is my daki, which you can find a good full picture of here. Think it's pretty good, good enough to not commission anyone. As for the keychains, the one on the right I take with me anywhere important. Sentimental value is nice.

More About Her

She shares her birthday with K-On's Yui Hirasawa, as well as the each kanji in her name corresponding to one of the 4 main K-On cast.

The "scar" on her leg is just a tattoo. It's probably even temporary, as it switches legs between anime & game. Or the animators just didn't care.

She can make stew! Not much else in the way of cooking though, even if she did attach a flamethrower to her guitar to use for grilling.

She enjoys watching horror movies even if she is freaked out by them more often than not.

One of her beta design depicts her wearing a full gas mask, something unfortunately un-incorporated into the final game. She also looks a bit more Celeste here.

Her biggest hate is boredom.


Use the guest box, I don't have any social medias like reddit or twitter. Or just find me on one of the various waifu threads across 4chan.